Powell Peralta "G-Slides" Skateboard Cruiser Wheels 59mm 85a (4 Pack) - Feet First NJ

Powell Peralta "G-Slides" Skateboard Cruiser Wheels 59mm 85a (4 Pack)

Powell Peralta
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Powell Peralta has been a part of skateboarding before you were even born. They've been a part of skateboarding before your favorite skaters were even born. This means they've been supplying skaters with the best of the best for a long time. These new Powell Peralta G- Slides are no different. These wheels sport the new soft slide formula urethane in a new hardness that offers maximum slide ability while keeping you in control. These feel as slippery as a hard wheel with all the control of a soft wheel. The new core gives you unmatched roll speed, making these some of the fastest wheels for their size and hardness. With its 85a formula, these wheels have a smooth ride, through any and all terrain. If you’re looking for the perfect freeride wheel for a double kick deck or maybe you’re looking to win in your next longest slide competition, look no further than the 85a G-Slides. They provide a smooth wear pattern, easy drifts, and super slippery long slides. They're great all the way to the core and are perfect whether you want a city slasher deck or need something controllable for your next techslide setup. These wheels will have you slipping and sliding over all terrain and shredding hills no matter the pavement.