Globe "Coconut Sky" Complete Cruiser Skateboard 7.25" x 26" - Feet First NJ

Globe "Coconut Sky" Complete Cruiser Skateboard 7.25" x 26"

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The Globe  Blazer Coconut Sky 26" Cruiser Complete Skateboard is the new style Blazer that Globe Boards is introducing to this year's Cruiser collection. The Blazers being the best selling product, they are a compact-sized setup perfect to commute as a city cruiser. Their light weigh and small size is an advantage for a lot of their riders. Perfect for all the radical urban sidewalk surfers. Very affordable for a good quality setup.

The construction and attention to detail on this Handcrafted and Eco-friendly Blazer Coconut is next level. The top and bottom have been built with Coconut fiber to use less Maple for an eco-friendly design that leaves less foot print and also has a great look with the clear resin broadcast grip so you can show it off.  Small enough to be conveniently light and transportable but not crazy small to affect the control while riding it. With mellow concave so your feet get a nice feel for the board. Built with a usable tail kick to get you up those gutters and over those bumps. A perfect mini cruiser for doing all the things you want to do without your skateboard getting in the way, you can throw it into your backpack or lay it up against the wall in your local bar while you grab a cold one, or just cruise down the beach barefoot style.

The 62mm Clear-Black Bantam wheels give you a smooth roll and let you cover the kilometers without too much effort on your commute to work. Getting around School or the city will be that much more fun on the cruisy truck and big soft wheels. Built with Globe Resin-7 method, single press Canadian hard rock maple core with harder resin glues that will hold up over time. With a Silver clean Slant 4.25" trucks that will give you a sweet turn with the 92a high rebound bushings so you can pump, carve, and dodge any pedestrians in your way

The Globe Blazer Coconut comes complete, ready built, and ready to skate straight out of the box with the following parts

  • Slant 4.25” Silver Trucks
  • Globe 62mm 83a Trans Orange Bantam Wheels
  • Globe Abec 7 Bearings
  • Printed Globe griptape