Heart Supply Limited Edition "SweetHearts" Skateboard Deck 8.25" w/Free MOB Griptape - Feet First NJ

Heart Supply Limited Edition "SweetHearts" Skateboard Deck 8.25" w/Free MOB Griptape

Heart Supply
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Heart Supply is a new brand from the Element family.

This Heart Supply deck is ideal for every skill level, from beginner to pro. 

Pre-drilled Holes For Easy Skate Truck Assembly

7 ply Maple

Free MOB griptape!

 Note: Graphics and stains may vary slightly from the image

The Heart Supply was established by Element founder Johnny Schillereff, his wife Kori, and their children Lenox and Camp.   

After nearly 30 years since the inception of Element, working with countless skateboarders and creatives, we were amazed by the shared vision of the skateboarding community about how to make skateboarding more inclusive, affordable, and accessible through “giving back” programs. From that, The Heart Supply was born. We are here to support generations of likeminded skateboarders, artists, and brands as they realize their vision. We eliminate inefficiencies and waste that take from skateboarders and lead to inauthenticity and unnecessary markups, because better shouldn’t have to cost more.   

Our aim is to give kids the gift of skateboarding and welcome them to the skateboarding community. We believe that the freedom, cultural diversity and friendships developed from skateboarding are invaluable. Riding a skateboard is a creative, physical activity that sees no color, inspires equality, and builds self-esteem and awareness. Putting a skateboard under their feet allows them to roll towards positive opportunities and a happier, healthier life.   

A portion of proceeds is used to give skateboards to kids.

- The Schillereffs