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Landyachtz Big Dipper "Mountain" 9.48" x 42.2" Pintail Longboard

Landyachtz Big Dipper "Mountain" 9.48" x 42.2" Pintail Longboard

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The Big Dipper is like a magic carpet with wheels. Coming in at 42.2” long and boasting a healthy amount of flex, this is a longboard in the classic sense of the word. Because of its length, the Big Dipper is very forgiving to ride, whether you are a beginner learning to skate or someone trying to push the limits of what a flexy longboard can do. This beast is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a smooth & stable ride with lots of flow and surf style.

Length: 42.2
Width: 9.48
Wheelbase: 29.8

Artist: Andy Anisimoff

The Big Dipper is a flexy longboard shape measuring in at 42.2” long by 9.48” wide with a wheelbase of 29.8”. It’s made from a 7 ply Maple construction that gives it a responsive, positive flex that returns lots of energy in carves, without feeling soggy and dead. The flex dampens a lot of vibration and combined with the length, it doesn’t notice rough pavement at all. It’s like a freight train, it just won’t stop. We’ve kept the rocker and concave that we love from the Dipper and extended the wheelbase so that it’s nice and stable. 155mm Grizzlies pair perfectly with the longer wheelbase and added width for tight turns and amazing carves. The 63mm Doozies are mega wide and do a great job at sliding when you want them to while simultaneously holding their line when you need grip.

Flex Rating 10= Very Flexy



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