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Landyachtz "El Peligro" 8.3" x 31.6" Longboard Deck

Landyachtz "El Peligro" 8.3" x 31.6" Longboard Deck

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The Peligro is a compact downhill skateboard designed primarily for racing. It measures 31.6" long by 8.3" wide with a wheelbase of 21.5". It is narrower than our other race board in order to make tuck leaning through corners as easy and controllable as possible, while the wheelbase slots in between the Small Blind and Obsidian to give it the balance between agility and stability that Dane was looking for. Wheel flares in the front give you a little extra cornering leverage and allow for a little extra clearance when riding big wheels and a loose front truck for racing. We use 8 plies of Canadian Maple sandwiched between Carbon Fiber top and bottom to make this board exceptionally stiff torsionally for ultimate cornering performance. We set up this complete with our 2020 Bear Smokey Trucks for a stable yet agile ride and 77mm 76/90a Cheetah Hawgs for massive roll speed and grip.

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