Powell Peralta Kevin Reimer Skateboard Cruiser Wheels 72mm 75a (4 Pack) - Feet First NJ

Powell Peralta Kevin Reimer Skateboard Cruiser Wheels 72mm 75a (4 Pack)

Powell Peralta
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Urethane technology for skateboard wheels has come a long way since the early days of skateboarding and Powell Peralta has been there through all the changes from day one. For most skaters, Powell Peralta has been pushing the cutting edge of skate technology since before they could push a skateboard. In the case of the newly created Powell Peralta Downhill lineup, the big innovation comes in the form of their newly created Soft Slide Formula (SSF). The Powell Snakes are a major upgrade to the freeride game that will have you slipping and sliding like never before. SSF urethane comes in at 75a which is noticeably softer than most freeride wheels on the market, but with a slide that breaks out easy and hooks up smoothly. It’s common to call wheels similar to the Powell Snakes “cheat wheels” but these wheels are like unlocking a freeride cheat code in real life. The SSF formula will breakout easily thanks to the slippery urethane but the soft durometer of the wheel will allow for maximum road feel while you’re gliding over the pavement. These Snakes are perfect for anything from a large wheelbase freeride setup to a larger double kick deck and will having you ripping your hills in new and fun ways. Whether you’re trying to learn new slides, rip new terrain or just push the length of your slides to the max, the Snake will have you slithering your way down any hill with ease. Please Note: Reports from Powell indicate that the black colorway of the SSF urethane is slightly more grippy and feels more in the pavement. This would be well-suited for any rider looking to get the same slippery feel and high performance of the Powell Snakes while pushing your limits even faster.